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Christmas Reflection 2019

What does He who died for us
In his heart Sacred feel
As we tell our kids that there is no God
But Santa Claus is real?

Santy’s Christmas Party

They had finished all the presents, cleared off all the shelves Wrapped up all the chocolates, Santa and the Elves Someone brought …

Tinsel, Spiders and Christmas Trees

House cleaned, all perfect, webs broken with brooms, Banished spiders found no stable at the inn, never mind rooms, So to bide …

Images of Christmas

Songs sang, bells ringing, Turkey dinners, and more of goose, Hymns and carols, choirs singing, Puddings, drink, presents of little use, All …

Bad Santa

Santas in the bathroom smoking dope I think for him theres not a hope Hes in there with me aunties And hes …

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