Santy’s Christmas Party

Santy's Christmas Party
Santy’s Christmas Party

They had finished all the presents, cleared off all the shelves
Wrapped up all the chocolates, Santa and the Elves
Someone brought out the bubbly, Mrs Claus opened the wine:
It was the North Poles Christmas Party – all were set for a good time!

Mrs Clause got merry, Santa very drunk
Rudolf let slip the fact that Santa was not like a monkMrs Clause got rowdy, Dancer ran for his life:
You never want to be near a row between Santa and his wife!

Rudolf held a grudge you see, of him Santa was afraid
For he jibed the red nosed reindeer for never being laid:
The other reindeer laughed at him, revenge of Santa was sworn
For alleging that a doe was never of her dignity by Rudolf shorn!

The reindeer let slip all the little secrets of Santa’s yearly tour
His girls in every village, his visits to the Amsterdam whore
And in Thailand he spent a long time and forgot to drop off the toys
Partying the night away in Bangkok with a gang of lady boys!

Mrs Clause went ballistic, she went nuclear, and then up a notch
She kicked poor Santa mighty hard, with pointy shoes in the crotch:
Now Christmas is in crisis, and the Elves have been heard to fear
With the Hangover from the Christmas party, there may be no deliveries this year!

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