Time ticks on…

… and every writers pen runs dry RIP Paul Polansky

Not long ago I heard of the death of the Serbian / American writer Paul Polansky. Author of the groundbreaking book “Black Silence”, I visited him once in Nis but never got to go back.

As with a lot of deaths, over a year passed before I learned of his passing. I will do a blog on him afterwards.

Remembering Civil War

Next year, we remember the Irish Civil War. The execution of Erskine Childers, the Ballyseedy massacre, Sean MacEoins excesses in Sligo…

My verses on Childers, the Sligo incidents and more still in the works are my contribution to #Treaty100.

I also remember who history forgot, McEvaddy the sentry shot in Athlone is one prime example, and I am doing research on him as I write.

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