Scene of the Rhyme relaunched for PoetryTown, and missing a successful Banagher Horse Fair

There was a great turnout to the relaunch of the Scene of the Rhyme in Joe Lees as part of PoetryTown, the first event since the start of the pandemic.

In another part of open up, Banagher Horse Fair had a successful event this year too, so things really are getting back to normal. In typical Carty fashion, I missed the fair, and also couldnt make it to the Longford Writers Group events of the weekend.

Scene of the Rhyme starts in Joe Lees
Scene of the Rhyme starts in Joe Lees
With Seamus Kirwan and Anthony Sullivan at the Relaunch of Scene of the Rhyme
With Seamus Kirwan and Anthony Sullivan at the Relaunch of Scene of the Rhyme

Current writings

While busy of late, a few ideas have been swimming around in my head, and some are making it as published verse. Pondering the fall of communism in China as some desire, I often think what will replace it. Will it go back to what it was before, a buddhist haven some would love to see?

I had a look back at the world by alleged cousin a certain Miss Dopping-Hepenstal preached Primitivism in in the 19th century, and Im not impressed. Christianity for all its faults was an improvement, but their desire for folk to destroy their idols, and talk of folk leaving darkness and seeing the light reminded me of Islamic State!

This too has inspired a series of verses I will be publishing here and elsewhere in the coming weeks!

An odd reality

We emerge from COVID as poor in resources as we went in, and the regulations make less sense as time goes on. Its not just Ireland, few places in the world have improved ICU bed capacities, etc., – its like FG rule the planet looking abroad.

These times of lockdowns have given time for reflection, and looking back its amazing how well we coped with a world we would have seen as dystopian a few short years ago.

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