Hell Hath No Fury Like the Friedensborg Mermaid Scorned

A cautionary tale of love, loans, and a mermaids revenge from the Carribean!!!

Høgensborg, a style of house it is assumed was built in the tale.
Høgensborg, a style of house it is assumed was built in the tale.

Once upon a time in Friedensborg
There lived a Dane who was old,
He desired a mansion to build for a maiden
But had no dame either, it was his distress, it was told.

In the days when the guts in St Croix ran wet
Unlike them being dry as they are today
In the Bethlehem Gut he met a mermaid
So goes the story the old people say.

The mermaid was beautiful, the mermaid was rich,
Our old Dane of who before we spoke,
He fell for the maiden – her beauty and riches!!! –
The latter becuase he was broke.

She lent him the money to build his big house,
He built his house there big and tall!
A man of romance in order to say thanks
He put the relief of the mermaid on the wall.

The money he owed, he his new house to all showed,
None knew how the money to her was to be repaid,
His housewarming went well so the folks tell…
Till the mermaid her way to the house she made!

When she stood there, all glistening and fair,
He to find an excuse found it hard to talk,
He meant to her no snub by no invite to the dance and the grub
He simply assumed as a fish she couldnt walk!

Well women at best when put to the test
– Advice comes to all men from old men through the ages –
A glib excuse it is little use
Is sating a wild womans rages!

The mermaid she fumed in a rage all consumed,
She struck the old Dane square a box in the head!
He fell to the floor, and moved little more…
He was more then heartbroken – he was dead!

The mermaid then left the guests there bereft…
The likes by them before nor since was seen…
Its said she still swims today, in the waters off the bay
Where the sculpture looks on at the waters blue green!

More say the tale isnt true like a boy who once knew
An local man who the tale to him told
“How could she walk”, the boy asked as they did talk
“She just could” was the answer given by the man who was old.

”’Me know it’ nebber go before,” the locals say in their creole way
They have for each other as language for speaking
Meaning hindsight is easy and of little use
If conventional sense to a legend of magic one is seeking.

So if you fall for the charms of a mermaids arms
And borrow her money to boot…
Invite her to the ball, or to the floor you will fall
All too soon to be buried in your funeral suit!


Plantation Life

A mermaids tale from St Croix
A mermaids tale from St Croix

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