How a Poet Can Avoid Divorce

Apperantly this is a true story from America… seeing it go around online this week, I write the verse on it below.

The lady deep in her slumbers
Was woken by her dear
Whose reasons for wakind his beloved
was not as romantic as first did appear

It was not for cuddles or a tumble
He had shook his wife awoke
Who looked on in sleepy anger
Listening baffled at the word’s of poetry he spoke…

Yes, it was not the first time
He was at this thing AGAIN!
What is it with the one tracked mind
Of some unsufferable men?

So she rang the solicitor
To give him the boot, hit him in the purse
For this was unbearable cruelty
She didnt sign up to when she said “for better or worse…”

Should fellow male poets you feel the urge
Your wife from sleep to wake,
Better not be for to read her poetry
For your own and your pockets sake!

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