Meet Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Tomás works at security to pay the bills, as he doesn’t fancy being a starving artist. Writing poetry keeps him sane. Sort of!

Member of Tullamore Rhymers Club, Immagine & Poesia and other writers collectives, Tomás writes mainly in rhyme.

More of a man about a continent than a man about town, the funnier scrapes during his travells are chronicles on the bioverse (there’s a new word for the English language!) “The Life Of Reillys Grandson“, set to be the title of the forthcoming chapbook of the same name!

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About the Author

Tomás reading at Poets Express in Bantry in 2010... so long ago!!!
Tomás reading at Poets Express in Bantry in 2010… so long ago!!!

Featured in the Midland Tribune newspaper, and featured in the Words From Around the World anthology in aid of the Anderson Animal Shelter in Illanois, USA, Tomas is from Ireland and writes in English and Irish primarily, and has been having some of his work translated into other languages such as Serbian and German and French.

Tomas writes on all topics that come to mind, often on topics of the day. A prolific writer, the range of poems vary from current affairs, to the mystical and faith inspired poems, though he freely admits to sometimes having been the biggest atheist on the plant.
However, as the saying goes, there are no atheists in the trenches!!!

The poems featured from Tomas O’ Carthaigh capture his slant on the world, and if your not agreeable, it is hoped you are at least entertained.

Words from the author:

“They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if so it can be said that poetry is in the ear as much as the eye of the beholder, as what is poetry to one man, is not to another.
From the master works of Shakespeare, to the man who claimed to be second only to Shakespeare, the great Mc Gonnagle, poetry has enthralled man and recorded dreams and hopes since time began.
I have been writing all my life, and hope that some day, long after I am dead, someone can take my words and say they enjoyed them: that the words they read gave them hope, or a way through life.
A lot of my poems have a preachy feel to them, either ones of faith, or of telling of a current or past crisis in culture, politics or whatever.
More of what I write tell of history: or a ghost story, or whatever captured my mood at the time!!!!
I hope that you, the reader, will enjoy my work. Leave a line to say Hi, and which poem you preferred, and why!!!”

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