Wedding Day for a Pashtun Girl

In learning to live she nearly lost her life
Taught to world to love to learn
Which is ignorant of a global reality
Where girls who for education yearn,
Are forced from school not by resources
But at gunpoint, flee from fear!
Yet in the west education is derided…
Thanks to the freedom that we have here
Where what we have freely is not respected
For its worth it is little known…
She, she showed the world educations worth
And strength from the ordeal she has known.

But now! Better news… normality!
She as a wife herself now does call…
Showing you can have education and family…
Women – they CAN have it all!
Inshallah may they have the children they desire,
She who showed by example and did not preach
Who nearly died for the love of learning
Had less to learn from the world than to teach!

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