The Years Creep Up

When I was walking the Slieve Blooms a decade back, I was a lot fitter than now – though far from fit!!! – and the hair was black with grey. Time passes, and its now white with black!!!

Life begins at forty
By some it is said
I look forward to fifty
But not with a sense of dread
A quiet pondering of where will life take me
For the future is far from clear
As a decade ago I knew I wouldnt be where I was
But I didnt think I would be here!

If my father was alive hed be getting the cheque
But he never got to see
The last decade, what would he make
Of the way things have to be?
So many have died in those ten years
As gets common at an age like mine
All we can do is take life as it comes
And pray for the grace to do so, divine.

The years creep up, the hair of fading black
Which has given away to white…
God be with the days when black it was
With the occasional grey in sight!
The wrinkles and jowls will come in time
Its natural to be
Time ticks on, brings us a road we would rather not walk
In a future we are yet to see.

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