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As we approach Christmas, a few thoughts come to mind as well as a few suggestions for presents for the coming season!

What is Christmas about? For giving thanks for the year gone, and telling those dear to us what they mean to us. And, after the dinner, when the alcohol kicks in, a bit too much honesty in that regard often proves to not have been the best ideas!

I was invited by the American writer Tate Morgan to contribute a few lines to his annual project on where a group of writers all write a four line verse that is a poem in its own right, but makes part of a larger poem, which is then shared in the group, and the 2014 “Christmas Canon” can be seen here >>> Share it online, and tag someone who would like to see it as a way to extend seasons greetings!

The poor are always with us, Christ said, and with human greed being the way it is, that is true enough, in our own little land as any, and the images we have of Christmas always leave out those who for we all are Scrooges at the seasonal time…

On a lighter note, there is nothing like a good laugh, and for those with a broad mind, and the not easy offended, the verse of choice I offer for you to recite is the story of “Bad Santa“… and Santa XXX!

For those yu would like to give a calender to for Christmas, may I suggest Siobhan English’s calender, for the Horse Fairs of Ireland Facebook page, which features a contribution from yours truly!

Books of interest include “Tara Calling” and “The Day The Mirror Called”, the former an account on the campaign against the M3 motorway and the latter a tribute to the late Ted Browne in verse.

All are reviewed with links to where they can be bought here >>>

Others of my Cristmas poems incude “Spiders and Christmas Trees” among others… and its tragic to still have to write of Iraq in the context of Christmas – “Letter to Santa” hasnt been granted we see…

Of desires not granted, an a little less tragic for society, though as tragic for the author, is the verse “Snowflakes in Another Land“, an unrequited love poem for the season that is in it!

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