Christmas Under COVID Lockdown in Ireland

We are hoping Ireland is not at Level 5 for Christmas, and that churches will be open for the Christmas. The verse has a novel suggestion for the cure for #COVID too!

Santa will be breaking the lockdown in December
Regardless if or not its Level 5
He will be travelling from county to county
A promise is a promise made to children : Over all Garda checkpoints he will drive

Hes got lists of toys and things electronic for the kids
For all and any who were good
He will give them all and everything they ask for in reason
As if they deserve it, get they should

It will be a very strange and eerie Christmas
Its not often that on Christmas day
The bells in the steeple ring the welcome
But no-one can go there to pray

Somewhere a child with pure heart we hope
Will not ask for things to play with or cash
But will ask for a vaccine for Covid19
So the back of this pestilence will smash

So next Christmas and for ever after
There will be no restrictions on Santas task
So kids when writing your your letters to Santa
For a vaccine for the COVID please all ask

It sounds as good an approach as any
To ask the kids of the world this to do
To our prayers God seems not to be listening
And the feckin scientists havnt got a clue!

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