Willie Rimes Goes to Confession

Willie Rimes went to confession - that wasnt going to end well...
Willie Rimes went to confession – that wasnt going to end well…


A legend in his own lifetime
Afraid he’d go to hell
The bold Willie went in to the church
All his sins to the priest to tell
The priest thought he had heard it all
That he did by then you’d think:
Its said after hearing Willies confession
The priest took to the drink.

There was the story of the Russian bride
How he conned the Yanks at the horse race
The slate at Haloween he never paid
How he made Santa a disgrace…
Giving up the drink he tried
Though it was but for lent
Not till he wrecked Saint Patricks Day
Was the bould Willie Rimes content
There was the time he married for money
The incident with the crock of gold
Such schemes and deals the preist said before
The likes in confession was never told.

The penance would be severe
How determined was Willie to such depths again not to fall
The priest asked – horrified at the answer
Willie wasnt sorry at all!
The priest ran him from the confession box
Like the Redemtorists of olden days…
Its said though he thinks it a waste of time…
For Willies sould the kind priest prays!

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