Willie Rimes Builds a Boat

Some say it was the strangest thing
That was ever seen afloat
Alas it sank, the “Titanic Too”:
Willie Rimes’s little boat!

He made it out of pallets
And a cabin was a pollytunnell of PVC
Powered by a propeller on a power drill:
It was such a sight to see!

Needless to say, it met its end
The boat hit a rock unseen
And went the way of the first Titanic
To the waters bottom green!

But Rimes was saved by others
In the boat “Pacific Atoll”
They found poor Willie floating…
Holding on to a blow up doll!

It was a life size model of Pamela Anderson
With every dimple and curve
But there was no red bikini!
Bold Willie: had he the nerve…

He said the waves wild had washed it off…
Along with his boxers too…
She was his lifeguard, having no lifejacket…
But better his rescuers knew…

Some say in the wreck of Titanic Too
In the bottom of the lake so deep…
There bobs inflated his other bedfellow
Eunice, the Blow Up Sheep!

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