Willie Rimes Meets His Valentine

The bould Willie Rimes, the love of his life, a lot of Russian chaps, an empty bank account, couple of cops and the strange Russian state of Mari El…

Picture from Russian scam brides website!
Picture from Russian scam brides website!

She arrived in straight from Russia, on an Aer Lingus plane
To meet the bould Willie, her very own James Bond
They had spoken by letters sent from some dodgy website…
Her name it was Nastya, she was short, sexy and blond!
His racing heart was thumping – it was nearly bursting
He ran to her like the pounding wheels of hell
Hertofor she was just a picture, printed from the website, in his hand…
The sexy Russian lady from the state of Mari El.

They settled in a flat, a little home for two
Allbeit it was cheap, on the wrong side of town,
Nastya was very popular among her own folk
The apartment became a partyhouse of renown
While Willie was out working, or out on the beer
There was fellas by the dozen come to call
And it wasnt very long before they bought a BMW
Even though the bould Willie earned feck all.

Willie borrowed money – his woman found a job
She was “translating” for all the visiting men…
Willie suspected nothing, of her was very proud…
Said he’d get a Russian missus earlier if living his life again.
They got a great big mortgage… then borrowed a little more
They wanted to build a nest egg of a nice amount
To buy a new home for her parents where they could holiday in Mari El
They lodged all the money in to the bould Nastya’s account!

One day the Guards came calling, a man and women two
Lady Nastya herself it was that they did seek
Willies nose was out of joint, it was not to him they came to call
As normally his antics would give cause for them to him to speak!
There was a smash of glass,  Nastya  made good her escape
She was last seen jumping the garden wall
Shes not been seen since by heartbroken Willie or his friends
She never answers her mobile either when he does call…

Its a tale of caution Willie tells down in the bar,
He thought the good guys sometimes win in love…
As he says himself though a pigeon a bird may be,
Sometimes its just a pigeon, and not a dove…
He drinks alone in the bar, until hes thrown out…
For the Nasty girl called Nastya he still does pine…
Be wary he tells us of the girls from Mari El…
Do not get yourself a Russian Valentine!”

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