Willie Rimes and the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

St Patricks Day parade

Willie Rimes was drinking the health of Saint Patrick
And a show of himself he made
When he decided to become the grand marshal
Of the local St Patrick’s Day parade.
The fact there was one already
Did not deter him one bit –
He saw it an injustice that he was not asked:
And would do something about it!

The parade came down the street
Where Willie was drinking in a pub
He heard the pipes, and abandoned his pint
Set to avenge the snub
He let the first few floats float on by
And then got in on the act
Hijacked a lorry carrying a float of dancers
Down a side road drove and into a wall whacked

He ran up then after the parade
Chased by members of the NYPD
Who broke of from the marching band
To assist the local Guardai
St Patrick – or the guy dressed up as him
Was robbed of his cloak, hat and gown
The bould Willie dressed up as him
With a headbutt knocked the poor man down!

He was last seen racing towards the front of the parade
Whether he made it or not I dont know
But from what I heard he was a disgrace
And of the town he made a show.
Now Id had a lot to drink myself that night
So I went of to get a sleep
For it is hard for a security guard
Awake at work to keep!

And so I awoke in a cold cold sweat
And strange as it did seem
I could not figure out was it a memory of the day before
Or a horrific and horrible dream.
So I looked it up on the internet
No account could I see
But there are some that say today
It could be a cover up by RTE!

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