Willie Rimes and the Ghost of a Girl

CCTV of the woman who fleeced poor Willie Rimes - but he insists his girl was a ghost to disappear like that
CCTV of the woman who fleeced poor Willie Rimes – but he insists his girl was a ghost to disappear like that

Willie was drinking – as he always does – all day in the bar
He saw a fine looking girl eyeing him up at the bar
He said hed check her out and see what was the story
Not afraid of rejection, and hoping for a chance of glory!
He was afraid to approach her though, and googled chat up lines
Didn’t find any appropriate, bar the ones he used a thousand times
They rarely ever worked, or got him a slap in the face
A complaint to the bouncers who then would chuck him out of the place…
But what is this? Is the luck of our unlucky Casanova changing…
The girl approaches smiling, as if the starsigns are properly arranging!

They get talking – Willie says he is a scientist – sure what else would he say
Turns out she is one too, in town for a conference that day,
Now Willie is in trouble, in a corner, this he would have to bluff
He got a basic grip on the big bang theory but that may not be enough
She is into nanosciences, that she was brainy he could seen
Though her blouse took most of his attention, as more often the case has been!!!!
She said she had just graduated, he said “What about me?
I’m a specialist into the “timber sciences”, also known as carpentry!”
There were a few down the counter who to them she seemed to be known
They gave Willie a dry comment of “Best of Luck”, told him that he was on his own!!!

Willie was to enraptured for what other people think
He was drooling at prospects of later playtime with her every eyelash blink
He ordered champagne to celebrate her graduation – only the best would do
The barman put it on the slate as Willie is known often to do
So the rounds went back and forth, with the drink poor Willie was swaying
He was only fit for sleep at this stage, and not for nighttime playing
She slidled up to him, he slid his hand downwards, her shapely behind did grab
In his sexiest voice he suggested they go to “his place for coffee and a kebab”

They got to the kebab shop he ordered all round him
But on placing his hands into his pockets, he found no wallet on him
She suggested that in the kebab shop he stayed while for cash she went
He agreed with a mumbled comment, sat down quite content
He fell asleep and at closing time was woken, the lady never returned
Willie could not understand it, wouldn’t accept that he by her had been burned
He was out he said for a drink on the night of Halloween
Some bollix stole his wallet or he lost it he said, but the lady a ghost had been!!!!

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