They Took from Us


We lost our fire stations, it costs to much to save our lives
Not enough folk die from fires, is the reason our station doesn’t thrive!
We nearly lost our library, it costs too much to let us read
They moved MIDOC to Tullamore, so its First Aid, or bleed!

They took from us everything, just because they could
They took from us all we had, in the name of the common good,
They took from us so much, we have little left to show
Now they try to take the Fair, for the horses benefit, don’t you know…

Someday for the benefit of the fish, will they ban the boats from Shannons water?
As the oil that leaks out scares the fish and flies does slaughter?
No, sad to say they have their way, to drive divides between all classes
All who love horses and the bigots who call themselves the masses.

Some folk don’t like windmills, horse’s, or people having fun,
A cover name for not liking Travellers, is their objection to horse dung,
But the silent majority of the people want to keep the tradition of our town
The empty buckets that rattle the loudest will not beat us down.

It is but the latest in a long line of attacks on the viability of our little town, and the worst part, is that an element of its own is attacking it this time, Little Irelanders, or Middle Irelanders, the kind that hate working classes for having no money, and the old anglo Irish classes as supposedly they do. Not to mention the Travellers. As Horses and the Horse fair is important to these groups, elements helped by cute hoor politicians have caused the issues with the Fair this year. Background on the issues here >>>

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