The Saving of Mankind – Some Vulgar Verse

In days of old when men were bold
And chased dinosaurs with sticks
The girls fair and not so fair
Went for the dudes with the longest dicks!

And all the mediums got little
And if your manhood was small
Alas for you there was no fun
You got no women at all!

Now in time the dinosaurs got bigger
And for mankind they grew a taste
And it wasn’t long till they had eaten many
And all ran from them in haste

Now the lads with the long shlongs
Thew the women over their shoulder
And from the dinosaurs raced
And outran all men who were older

And the aged all got eaten
And the younger ones survived
As did the men who were smaller
And all mankind thrived.

Now in time the dinosaurs got even BIGGER
And chased after mankind into the bushed high
Only for them to drop the women
The pain of the thorns being the reasons why

For their manhood was so long
In the bushes it kept getting caught
And they were writhing in agony
So not giving the women the loving they sought.

Now our smaller brothers
Caught the women as they did fall
From the arms of the longer todgered males
Who heretofore had it all.

And so they saved womankind
And all the long todgered men got eaten
And that is how the Alpha male
By the Little Richards was beaten.

And… did they get loving
They were at it all night long
And half the day too as well
All not NOT having a large shlong!

Now the dinosaurs could not catch them
And they dies out of starvation
After eating all the vegetarian dinosaurs
There was such carnage and aggravation.

And so the dinosaurs became extinct
And the short todgered had such fun
But it was not to last
The battle that they had won.

The dinosaurs were gone now
And the victory they had hard earned
Was lost, the danger defeated
The women went back to what they yearned

The longer, the bigger, the better
And once more outside did find
The short shlonged male that once did prevail
That saved all of mankind!

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