The Priest and the Playboy Magazine

Playboy - As Holy As Any Book
Playboy – As Holy As Any Book?

In the clerics car, which the housekeeper was cleaning,
A copy of Playboy was found,
She assumed it was planted there by the alterboys as a prank,
As a few of them had just been around.
She was shocked, horrified, and disgusted,
Said the filth to the priest she would have to show,
Boys claiming to be holy were anything but,
This the priest was going to know.

She ranted and raved, waved the magazine round,
Of huzzies with everything on display,
But the priest was calm, and not angry at all,
He invited the housekeeper to pray.
To pray for the girls in the pictures
Would be seen as beautiful when there looks fade
Be happy in themselves, have enough to live
The housekeeper looked at him, dismayed.

The priest said, let us pray for the alterboys,
Thank God for their healthy sense of fun,
And hope in their lives, they know true love,
And the heart of a good woman have won.
Thank God they can see the beauty in His creation,
About lustful looks at magazines he wasn’t pushed,
Its natural for boys at their life  and time
Even if all of the girls are airbrushed.

Pray they will see the beauty within,
That lasts when looks have faded with age,
That they will see girls are people, not things to be used,
So prayed this wild old sage.
There’s as much scripture in Playboy as in any holy book,
Though on appearance, its a book of sin…
Never did anyman kill another based upon,
On its pages what was written within.

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