The Bald Man in Bed, The Cat, The Dog and the Flea

The wise old dog... made sure he was where he could see all!
The wise old dog… made sure he was where he could see all!

There was a fat bald man who lived with a cat
And a dog that had fleas, but he did not know that
One morning as he rose to get out of bed
A flea from the dog landed square on top of his head.

He was ready to get into the shower but then
The cat managed to get into the bathroom again
The flea did not know there existed a cat
The cat knew nothing of the flea for all that.

The dog sitting patiently out in the hall
With a look of bemusement looked in on them all
The flea could not hear the cats meow
How the dog could hear the flea we still don’t know how…

The flea asked the dog in the hall it could see
Could he see anyone else or another flea
For alas when he from the forehead looked down
All he could see was a belly, a nose, and the wrinkles of a frown.

The cat heard the dog talking to the flea
Looking up, saw a belly, but no flea could the cat see
So the cat told the dog it thought it was mad
If it had been talking to itself like the cat thought it had.

The flea was quite rude and said it was rather fussy
The dog said neath the mans legs was a lovely little pussy
The flea had a bad mind, told the dog it was telling lies
Having a bald patch meant the person was a man in the fleas eyes.

Now the dog wagged its tail, got up walked away
It had enough grief from them two for one day
The cat ran away before the flea could see
It was drowned in the shower – such a tragedy –

That the dog saw and could see from where it was
An outsider looking in, and from that because
What we cannot see can exist, in our beliefs we are selective
Others can see what we cannot, as they have perspective!

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