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Dopping Hepenstal

She Stood Alone At The Altar

The Ms Dopping-Hepenstal stood up by her groom who had eloped to India with another woman without her knowing is still spoken of today. Her sister was involved with one of the Edgeworths, but in the end neither girl married. Some versions of the story have Edgeworth as the cad, but most do not.

Shin Rin Yoku

The only “Bards in the Woods” I managed to attend was a few years back, in Mullinaleaghta in Longford, where John Wilmott …

Naked Protest at Derrycassin

April 20th 1847 Men, children and women with clothes cast away Came to Derrycassin door To protest and plunder for want of …

Beauty Passed, and Yet Still Beautiful

Beauty passed, and yet still beautiful, Walls crumble, slaves to time, build long ago The rhubarb that once here grew I ate, …