Beauty Passed, and Yet Still Beautiful

Doppings Walled Gardens in Derrycassin Woods at Millinaleagta in North Longford
Doppings Walled Gardens in Derrycassin Woods at Mullinaleagta in North Longford

Beauty passed, and yet still beautiful,
Walls crumble, slaves to time, build long ago
The rhubarb that once here grew I ate,
As a child in Banagher, where some did grow,
That we brought with us, its thick stalks,
Yet both bitter and sweet, grew strong and tall,
A link to home, a home that was never ours,
Where it was planted, beneath this wall,
Whose arch I walk under, today ferns,
And grass is all that here grows,
Among unknown and unwanted plants…
Sun strongly shines, from Gowna a breeze blows…

Spirits watch, unseen, that there planted it,
Before it was taken, planted in our lands…
Beside them smiling, another who died from want,
Among riches of those times stands…
For all thats wrong in our land today,
And a lot is wrong – we think not fair…
Its still better then these times of want and wantoness
If we for each other help and care.

Among these walls I see no rhubarb,
Its died out where once it was grown
Prehaps Ill return someday, and replant it…
A tribute to those before, to us unknown.

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