Poetic Crimes of Willie Rimes

Willie Rimes makes a joi... fag out of the pages of Cormac Lallys new book
Willie Rimes makes a joi… fag out of the pages of Cormac Lallys new book

He said he was talking to Mally,
About the new book put out by Lally,
Unlike Carty it didnt take him ages,
To put together a few pages…
A man who acts, and wont dilly dally!

He said he was having a smoke,
I swear this is not a joke…
He said “Tear us a page till I roll one,
Me Rizlas are all gone”
What an ignorant uncultured yoke!!!

Id said do you want a look
At Cormac Lallys new book…
And thats what he done,
Tore out pages, rolled up one…
Said he really didnt give… a … feck… look:

Poems and poetry is written to be read,
And then you put it to bed…
You call it some caper…
I say I recycle the paper…
When I use it, to light up, he said!!!!

The infamous Willie Rimes puts an alternative use to the pages of Cormacs book… Cormac Lallys new book “Scribbles, Dribbles and Home Grown Nibbles” is out now. Grab a copy, but please, dont smoke it!!!See the website: http://cormacom.wordpress.com

Carty too has since published his own chapbook “Ommmmmm!”- see it on Kindle!!!

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