Lusmagh and Ireland Remember Those Who Died for Ireland

The Manchester Martyrs - Let Us Remember Them
The Manchester Martyrs – Let Us Remember Them

Manchester Martyrs Commemoration
26th November 2017, Birr, Co Offaly
150th anniversary

That Lusmagh man, brave as they come
As are the stock from where he was from
They set their prisoners for to free
On the streets on Manchester city

Fate, as she does, dealt a cruel hand
The constable at the door did stand
Refused to on command the door to open
Shot as the lock was blown to free the men.

Great the pressure on the police
To capture the shooters and not to cease
Until an Irishman was found to be hung
He he to his death on gallows swung.

Larkin on hearing he was to die
Stood a proud man with strong eye
As Christ on the cross he spoke of the Jury men
Saying “As I am a dying man… may God forgive them”…

They died as Irishmen, and what a death
For wrong the length on the rope was set
As through the trap door they op opening were flung
The stopped, half alive, half dead, half hung.

William Calcraft, the hangman, who couldn’t hang a coat
Hung to Larkins legs as in horror the press wrote
Of the Irishmen who as before their death did stand
Their last words for posterity were “God Save Ireland”

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