Hands in the Greasy Till

They have not gone away, you know,
They always existed, always will,
Who love the pound more than their country,
Hands deep in the greasy till.

Political war won was there for the losing,
Cameron more than Lloyd George knows how to call the bluff
Salmond did not factor in no Sterling
For voters that was not enough.

But the ballot won over the bullet
We on our island the process has seen:
If we had no rebellions a hundred years ago
Would as Scotland is how we would have been?

Would we have escaped the killing, the bombs?
The hatreds that scar our isle?
We’ll never know, but Scotland had its say,
Democracy worked, all can go home and smile.

Written as a follow up to the Scottish Independence referendum, won by Camerons denial of Scotland the right to keep the pound, and Salmonds failure to take that into account.

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