Elegy for a Poet I Once Knew

Paul Curran at the Scene of the Rhyme at F15 Festival in Tullamore in 2015
Paul Curran at the Scene of the Rhyme at F15 Festival in Tullamore in 2015

Alas,  I learned of the passing of a poet Paul Curran I shared a stage with often at Scene of the Rhyme and other events. I didn’t know him well, but enjoyed his works, and found him a pleasant down to earth person.

He was part of the A-musing arts collective among others, and appeared and enjoyed festivals and arts events across the country. A loss to all and the Irish arts scene. RIP.

Here is one of my favourite verses of his: “Four”… I hope he met his friend wherever they both are now…

Nothing travels faster than bad news…
Even more so in this modern age:
Alas I read of another death
Of one with whom I once shared the stage

But, so young, best days to come
Days that were never to be
We know not the day or hour
We face our mortality.

Memories left, times shared
We didn’t know each other well
Stories I shall in old age
Of him, his verse, to others tell.

Shakespeare, Goldsmith, Kavanagh , Frost
All met death as all must do…
But they did in proper time
Unlike him that I once knew…

He passed at the age of Burns,
If he was that age at all
A Super Moon fills the night sky
A gentle drizzle outside does fall.

We don’t know when we paper take
Will these be last words we write
I remember a poet who went to soon
In the gloomy shadows of the passing night.

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