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Big government has made Banagher, a town famous for its Horse Fair, for being packed with horses, a one horse town. And the recent campaign to stop the fair is just the latest in a series of oppressive measures that is tearing the heart out of this once vibrant community.

First of the latest wave was the closure of the local fire station, along with Daingean and Kilcormac. Apparently the death rate was not high enough from house fires to merit their keeping, which should prove more to their effectiveness than need to cut back on them. But bean counters dont see things that way.

John Leahy fought to keep them, but the die was cast in Offaly County Council. More on this chancer later!

Next up, was cutbacks at the local library, which the town nearly lost altogether. With the advent of the internet, a lot is at our fingertips, but the library is still a vital resource, for local knowledge as well as for national and international. For sharing of materials such as what people cannot afford to bu, if developed right, the library will have a relevance and viability for future generations. But bean counters look for excuses to close, not for innovations to keep open.

Then MIDOC was moved to Tullamroe from nearby Birr. And Birr nearly lost its ambulance too. Not enough people die to keep a doctor on call on the doorstep. Id see it proving effectiveness akin to the Fire Department. But bean counters dont see it that way.

And bean counters are what we have on the council, who demolished a lovely old house to build the monstrosity of offices they have, have to pay millions back to pay for its construction, and cut back on essential services.

The Horse Fair is a different affair. Spearheaded by the council, and Cllr John Leahy to my surprise, who it seems will back anything to get the popular vote. And there is why he supported the Fire Stations, a cynical exercise to get the public vote, proving himself another shyster politician who cannot be trusted.

At least we know where we stand with Marcella Corcoran Kennedy. She called us “scum” when the CAHWT backed the SOS (Save our Stations) campaign with marches to Brian Cowens then offices in Tullamore at the rally’s.

Yes, we who pay the taxes. We, us, we are scum. In her eyes.

Folk who think like her, organised a campaign against the horse fair. They dont like horses or the folk who like horses. Either they are seen as working class, Travellers, or as the Anglo Irish set. And in the eyes of Middle Ireland, all those are scum.

Well, I love horses, and am more from the agricultural tradition, though I grew up as working class. And am happy to be seen as scum by snobs like her, cute hoor chancers like John Leahy and their ilk. And I stand by both the Traveller people, and the Anglo Irish, to whom horses are more a part of their culture and identity than they are even of mine.

In the campaign in support of the Horse Fair, Ive written a few pieces. Have a read, enjoy and share.

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