Adams Hindsight on the Garden of Eden

Jan Brueghel the Elder - Paradise and the Fall
Jan Brueghel the Elder – Paradise and the Fall

They walked serene without any clothes
Free and easy, them both
She bid, he bit, and it got stuck
A bit of apple in his throat

They looked at each other anew
They both then realised
How naked they were for they were naked
They looked at each other surprised!

Then Adam heard what all men hear
As he stood bemused right there
Eve screamed and got in a huff
Shouted “I got NOTHING to wear!”

So he fashioned her a fig leaf
And another one for him
The belt made from a vine was short
For Eve was sexy and slim!

God at once in anger looked
And roared from heaven aloft
Adam went puce as Eve sat and cried
Adam choking by now he coughed.

At last Adam managed to get his breath
As he cursed and at Eve did look
If looks could kill shed be dead though no men yet had died
The apple in his neck was stuck.

So they from the garden were banished
To wander the earth bit by bit…
Adam in hindsight the lesson learned
One should never swallow… but spit!

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