You’d Think It Was A Great Place If You Didn’t Know It

“Jesus, you’d think Leitrim was a great place (listening to the song) if you didnt feckin know it!”

~ John Carty of Errew, a cousin of ours commenting on Larry Cunninghams song to my father, also John Carty

DISCLAIMER – This is NOT a skit of Leitrim, its based on the comment about how folk – such as the singer – make out in their songs all is lovely when its not, for it makes more than rolling green feilds to make a place good to live in. The man who made the comment himself was from Leitrim. I make this disclaimer as I got greif already from a Leitrim resident who took umbridge to it in good faith. And the poem is about all of Ireland.

We got green rolling hills, and smiling cailins, and rivers and lakes pure
For there are no mines or factories to pollute them, of that we can be sure

We’ve quaint ways of talking and thinking, the Americans think it a shame we should lose
As if we are a museum that he can come and go from and use.

Itd be a shame to spoil the landscape with windmills, the Americans would never come
Back to their homeland if they are erected to see where their ancestors are from.

We’d be nowhere without America, we tell every Yank we meet,
No-one seems to say: “Arise! Lets stand on our own feet!”

We’re the best nation of scrougers and chancers, we think us important on a global scale
We nearly broke all of Europe with our banking failures scale.

We bail out banks and corporations, we shut hospitals and schools
We punish the poor who protest, for the rich we bend the rules…

We are as currupt as any Eastern European country, its just that we dont show it…
Youd think Ireland a great little country, if you didnt feckin know it!

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