Yearn Not For Yesterday

Ah, yes, in times gone by
All, it was far better then
A time of chivalry and ceremony
A time of ladies and gentlemen

Ah, yes, in times gone by
All, it was not about speed
No, a time of labour and of craft
Dictated to man by need.

Ah, yes, in times gone by
All in war, was not so much horror and slaughter
A time of uniforms, duels and rules of war
And not in the army be any mans daughter.

Ah, yes, in times gone by
All, ladies, yes them all
Were not hassled by careers
They knew true romance after the ball…

Ah yes, in times gone by
All, was far from what it seems
Those days were worse than what we have
The preceding verses are but romantic dreams.
Ladies lived lives of hardship
The poor suffered more than others
Had no choice, no vote, no voice
Slaved for the children who called them mothers.
And war – war was as savage then
Fought by cannon, cavalry and man to man
Pretty uniforms don’t make a war gentle
Conflict was and is horrific since time began
Workers slaved at the factory
Children sweating at the loom
For more and more for the rich man
Limbs and lives lost in the boom
Pomp, then as now, too was hollow
Just a demonstration of pride
Fancy words hide hard hearts
There was little love inside.

So when of today you are tired
Yearn not for long ago
Be grateful for what you’ve got
And that the horrors of history you do not know.

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