Year Has Past Like a Decade Gone

Fog on the Moor
Foggy and frosty morning

A year has passed, like a decade gone,
It feels we have aged,
Every one has a different take
On the new normal against which some raged

As if there were no lockdowns
Out of control it grows
When will it end or if it ever will
It seems that no one knows.

Still some deny it exists at all
There is no talking to folk like that
But we must be kind to those of such a mind
Coping is where they are at.

The staff who returned from far away
At own cost, yet were not hired
Selfless, putting themselves in the front line
They a whole nation they inspired.

Now we have no trained staff, play catch up
We are grateful for any progress made,
Sad for those who died who need not have
Sad for those who of the future are afraid.

A new year dawns, the frosty sun
Shows light, is bright with hope…
Whatever happens, as in times of old,
We somehow sure will cope.

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