Wren Sleeps Soundly This Christmas

Wren Boys in Ireland on Saint Stephens Day

Wren no longer hunted, nor Church attended
Clergy speak to deaf ears, eyes have seen
What all thought could never be, sinners
Men of cloth greatest of all have been.

We think we are holy less today
Than we were as a people pious before
But now we pray from faith and belief
Not from fear and posture anymore.

God being good still hears and heeds our prayers
We not in others faces mutter
The silent prayers of the aching soul
Angels carry each tear we utter.

Cash may rule Christmas we think aloud
But He, Christ is in the hearts of each:
Speaks to us in tongue we understand
Gives solace, life’s lessons teach.

This Christmas, if you not in church be
Wont matter if Christ in your heart keep
The wren, innocent, bloodlibel blamed
In peace in its nest can in bliss sleep.

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