Words Written While Listening to Moonlight Sonata

As if the gods were striking the strings
The air the piano plays
And I listening am transported
Back to former slower days
When the world was better and people purer
For all the faults we know they had
And I look at the world and its woes
And its greed and I am sad.

It is strange that, to think
In, when the music was written, it was
Looked down on to be proud and vain
The sin of Pride was frowned on because
Not just it was in the Bible written
But in the Principle people actually believed
Usury too was taboo
As a way others were deceived.

And as the music slowly fades
The frantic beats of Trance I hear from a car…
And after it the aggro of some rap track
I drift again from the here and now far
To the tinkling of the piano strings
By the fingers to the notes that softly strike the keys
And I linger on the thoughts and longings
Of a world of more honesty, peace and ease.

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