Words Written at the Door of the Robin Gill Cottage

Today, none fear death, bar those that flee,
From the aim of a hunters gun,
Mere deer, who shadows make among the trees,
All local battles fought, finished, lost and won,
Depending which side you take, but history now is death,
And nothing the worse for it, is that,
Briton and Gael meet as brothers now, if not: as neighbours,
Who once each others throats in conflict were at,
But a few short years ago, we hope no more,
And that things peaceful as they are now continue to be,
That only the deer, fleeting shadows among these trees,
Are all that from bullets of guns in terror flee.

After I bought the little cottage below (since tragically destroyed in fire) in Ballinamuck, and discussing the history of the area, I was told that it was reputed to be the home of the local leader Robin Gill, who led the local forces against Crown forces at the Battle of Ballinamuck. While there one weekend, this poem formulated in my mind…

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