Windmills and the Don Quixote of the Modern Age

Honoré Daumier: "Don Quixote"
Honoré Daumier: “Don Quixote”. Those modern day Quixote’s who fight against the windmills, the only clean energy available on the planet and then call themselves eco warriors, or environmentalists, really get my goat.

He rides again, against the windmills,
Or at least his children do…
Modern day Don Quixote’s
Who to their cause are true.

“Windmills kill birds and bats you know,
They are big corporate toys,
Who make from them big profits
And I cant sleep a wink with the noise…”

The cows are afraid of them,
They will not eat the grass,
They no longer moo at us,
When by them they pass.

The midges are getting massacred,
They too have rights you know,
To fly the sky to get eaten by birds,
Rather than killed by windmills when a wind does blow.

Arra, they look so ugly,
Waving their big arms there in the sky,
Sure, they will scare away the aliens,
Who our planet will fly by.

A husband recently blamed them,
Someone somewhere said,
For making his manhood fail to work,
He now is crap in bed.

So they charge against the windmills,
Luddites who piss agains the Wind,
The only clean energy available on earth…
They against environmentalism have sinned!


As with the rest of the world, Ireland is in a tizzy over windfarms. As a lifelong environmentalist, Im all for them, and cannot understand why folks are against them. For many its a form of protest against big government and power companies who will profit, giving them a voice to shout, when they are too cowardly to shout about the real issues that rob our countries blind, a form of lipservice to activism I have no time for.
Windfarms are clean energy, a million times safer and better than nuclear, and a thousand times cleaner and better for the earth than fossil fuels, even better for the earth than biomass, which produces pollution…
This poem, it wont make me popular!!!

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