Willie Rimes At the Quare Horse Fair

Banagher Horse Fair - early in the morning of the 2015 Horse Fair
Banagher Horse Fair – early in the morning of the 2015 Horse Fair

We think there was one lawbreaker at the 2015 Banagher Horse Fair.. of course it would have to be that pal of our Cartys, the bould Willie Rhymes… the never seen member of the Tullamore Rhymers Club… awful troublemaker that lad!

The 2016 Banagher Horse Fair is on September 18th! See the Facebook page for more!

“That beats Banagher” said the bould Willie Rimes
“I tell you, twas mighty quare
Where a man could get arrested
For selling a horse at a horse fair!

Whoever made that law is a donkey
Whoever enforces it is worse –
Theres some gobshites in uniform and authority!”
Said the bould Willie with a curse!

We tried to explain how to get around it
– Keep the transfer of money underhand –
But Willie was not for turning
For laws no man could understand:

“If you walk down the down on any day of the year
With a horse,” says he “and a person you meet
Who admires your horse, you can sell it of course,
Right there, without permit on the street.

But if you sell on the Sunday nearest the 15th of September
To sell it can you? No way…
You can see your horse at any time of light or night
Bar on the designated date of the Fair!”

Now, Im not calling Willie a criminal
Or accusing him of breaking the law…
But the horse he went home with (like many of his women!)
Was not the one that he arrived with I saw!

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