Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus

The words of God, told by man
And written by mere fools
Edited by others who think they can
Refine Gods words in mans schools.

Have faith, we tell you what God said
Clerics to laity decree
Who is good, bad, and to be attacked
Speak not as Jesus, no He

Spoke of love, and to God what is his
And to give to Cesear his due
To meet a strike by offering the cheek
And then the other one too.

Religion, it is the folly of man
Who thinks in robes he is great
It is Babylonic folly to make one religion
And declare it the One True Faith.

This I abhor, with their ceremony, drama
And all of their pomp there…
But I love Jesus, and show it not
But to Him, in a silent prayer.

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