Where ever I leave my pen… is my Creative Space

Some people have an area to go to,where they have the time and the peace to write. I, if Ive an idea, can write anywhere, though having seclusion can help. More accurate for me is the TIME to write, in the half sleep before nodding off, the brain gets the best of ideas just before nodding off. Most are lost on waking!!

Sometimes, I use a prompt, a reaction to a news issue, an article, someone else’s writings, or a saying. Whatever grabs my attention at the time. Right here, right now, and edit later!

We as members of Tullamore Rhymers Club meet at the Hume residence on Arden Vale, once a month at a minimum, where we share work we have written, and plot our events and publications, and reflect on same. We also keep in touch on all items poetic online primarily through Facebook. As a group, we have published three chapbooks, under the title of “Under The Fading Lamp”, two of which were launched in Tullamore Library and the latest in Hugh Lynches bar.

Our members have varying creative spaces, Anthony Sullivan edits to the bone in his apartment, Camillus Boland likes to write when he has the time at home or in the garden, and the rest are a mixture of all!!! Willie Rimes composes either in the pub, and often in the confines of a cell!!!

The club itself is a reformation of Vincent Wynters Tullamore Poetry Group, launched again under the moniker of Tullamore Rhymers Club in homage to the original Rhymers Club of London that Yeats was part of. Initially forming an unholy trinity of Anthony Sullivan, and myself and another chap, it has expanded to include our newest members James Delaney and Lorraine Dunican, among the other hard chaws who are now too established members of the group to name separately!

2013 for the group has been an exciting year, we featured at as diverse events as “Festival of the Fires” at Uisneach, and “Castle Palooza”on one hand, the traditional events such as Banaghers “Readings from the Pallet” and National Poetry Day – where our Pop Up Poetry concept got a good reaction – to the innovative opening act for the comedian Brendan Grace. And these are but a fraction of the busy year, where individual members participated in other events such as the Leinster Poetry Slam in Dublin, events in Cavan and beyond!!!

The group encourages all to write in their own style, not to have a style that is the group, but true to their own vision of what their take on poetry and the world is. From James Delaneys modern style of poetry that works so well in spoken work, to Camillus Bolands more folk poetry style, to mine and Tony Sullivans in the middle of the two. Of late, with the public events, we have found it a learning experience, where we see our strenghts and weaknesses, where some writers such as I write for the page, to others such as Richard Brennan and Anthony Sullivan who can write for the stage and the page. The latter found he had a knack for comedy poetry too, picking up an award for it at this years “Readings from the Pallet”… after all his efforts over the years to get recognition for his serious verses!!!

We meet up on the first Tuesday of the month. Search Facebook for Tullamore Rhymers Club, and you will see the latest information on our page!!!

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