When Words Fail, Silence Speaks Best

Manchester bombing scene

The war hawks screamed
“Where are your words
Now that ours have fallen?”

But silence spoke loudest
A simple prayer
Of grief and understanding.

A prayer for peace in a time to come
We have been here before.

As long as war and conflicts last
It shall too stalk our shore.

Let this not stir in the hearts of man
Hatred for many because of the few.

Because evil wins through their sins
Because they want you to.

So tonight we say our prayers
In chants or contemplation
For Manchester dead and for those names unknown, unsaid
Who died in other nations.

A mere poet stumbles in and out of rhyme
For like the world, is stunned,
But not defeated by this crime.

World leaders, deposed the despots
Who kept theses genies in the bottle
Smashed for oil and profit and power
That can never again be capped.

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