When the Water Goes

When the frost stops the water flow for a few days... how do we cope???
When the frost stops the water flow for a few days… how do we cope???

There was a wise man who to panic began
And he did not know what to do
From the frost and the snow, the mains it did blow
He had no water for the shower, the sink or the loo

So he thought to himself how to wash up the delph
Oh the water. how it he would miss
But the cistern was solved when he resolved
That to fill it into it he would piss.

So that’s how our chap solved having a crap
And how to flush it away
But, oh alas, that idea he’d have to surpass
Washing the delph from day to day

So he smashed the downpipe so that with a wipe
Dishes rinsed by the rain would be cleaned
But pans that here burned, he quickly learned
Were not so easy, or saucepans either he gleaned.

And the to shower gravity provided the power
And poured over himself the dirty dishwater
How everybody did stare at the carrots, potatoes and gravy in his hair
And they said the smell a thousand rats it would slaughter!

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