What Truth Lies Behind Irelands Tales?

Sragh Castle in Tullamore - scene of historic and battles of legend!
Sragh Castle in Tullamore – scene of historic and battles of legend!

The telling of each story on the listener casts a spell,
They silent open mouthed listen to the tales the old folks tell
Of hero’s of Ireland’s past, those stories legends some call,
Yet upon the telling, silent even the skeptics fall.
The origin of the stories the truth is no one knows
Each one is rooted local, or so the story goes,
Yet in Wales, Scotland and Galacia, the story is the same
In principle, names are different, according to the lands from which they came.

I thought upon this once upon a time, and I thought to myself a while,
They came from before the Celts were in Ireland, when this little isle
Was a land of others, who from its fields and history have flown,
Legendry peoples whose Iron language in the Annals is all that to us is known.
When settled in Ireland, Wales and other lands, each found a place to give location
Relative to their settlements for their legends of foundation,
But that sat uneasy with me though it answered questions for some time,
I read more upon it in the form of prose and rhyme.

The most exciting theory I read is God knows where,
One floating around in non academic circles, circles where folks don’t care
For reputation, for ego, follow history from love alone…
No political agenda to pollute their thinking, each analyse each story on its own.
They say the stories are from astronomy, the hero’s are constellations,
Akin to tales of Gods of the Greeks of academic admirations…
In a land of astrological architecture, why was this not thought of before…
I will never see them as mere tales or legends when I hear them anymore

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