What The Clergy Really Prayed For

They hid behind the Penal Laws
Those in cloaks and veils dressed
They hid behind history
How the clergy were oppressed
They used it as an excuse
When the Communists killed their priests in Spain…
All the while they abused children
Without a sense of shame.

The taught us in the classrooms
Who from Famine a million died
How the English were to blame – in part they were –
But to us the teachers lied
When they said famine and neglect was behind us
As the truth now evident a nation appals
What went on with state and societies silence
Behind those cold stone walls.

We are no Communists today,
These are not the Penals Laws
They must answer for what they did
With their clasped and greedy paws
Yet they stand in false expression
Of remorse, for sorry be they aught
But all they are sorry for is what they prayed for all these years
That they would not get caught!

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