Wexford Bridge

Verona Murphys comments about terrorists on Wexford Bridge got her shot off the FG ticket. Her faux patriotism was blind to the Irish who live beneath the bridge. But Jim Codd cared, and was shocked to find even some of his own ex students there…


How soon will Wexford Bridge be London Bridge?
Verona Murphy wanted to know:
When stirring up hatred to win votes
In a by election not too long ago.

What she did not know is what she aught know:
While ranting about immigrants at Rosslare
Is that if it did blow up it was fall on and kill
The homeless Irish sleeping there…

But they cant vote, so to her do not matter…
But to Jim Codd they did:
His own students fallen through the cracks of life,
In tents they there now live.

Your character shows in who you condemn,
Codd tries to help not condemn!
The least of those, no votes to be won:
He still wants to help all like them.

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