We Reap What We Sow

The recent nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan in the wake of the recent earthquakes and tsunami shows what folly man has to think that he can contain forever and in all eventualities the power of nuclear energy.

No one thought of the force of a tsunami wave breaking the cooling system on the nuclear power plant, the subsequent meltdown and the global nuclear crises since.

A world in horror
Looked as millions just perished
Neath a mushroom cloud

Civilians must die
Decree generals high to save
Their soldiers lives

That was then: Japan
Rose from the ashes again
Leader of the world.

Far away Ukraine
Fifty years later they saw
Nuclear catastrophe

But not act of war
So feared at the time, rather
The folly of man

Who thought he’d contain
The force of nature too strong
When atoms are split.

Twenty five years passed
Japan the theater again
For mans arrogance

Tsunami came strong
Broke up the cooling system
Disaster strikes.

Man gauged for all things
Bar power of big waves
And pipes frailty.

And through arrogance
And folly that man is strong
He will soon perish

You do not play God
With what you cannot control
Don’t play with fire child.

For all of your brains
You are but a child, a fool
When compared to God.

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