We Are Spectators on Another Greek Tragedy

As Alexis Tsipras capitulates to the EU/IMF,we remember one of austerities victims…

The death of Dimitirs Christaupolos shows the callous effect that finance has on ordinary decent people. This man refused to be reduced to scavenging from bins, at a time when his own government begged and achieved bailouts and writedowns, no benefit was shown to their own people, this one of whom we know by the public nature of his death.

A student in Prague immolated himself in 1968, inspired a generation to stand up to Soviet oppression. Today, a 77 year old pensioner kills himself to inspire his nation to save itself from the greed of the bankers who care only for profits and bonuses as their nation is destroyed.

This poem I wrote at the time of his death, is non rhyming, one of the few Ive written, the tragedy of it made it beyond rhyme for me.

Funeral of Dimitris Christoulas - one of the forgotten casualties of Greek austerity
Funeral of Dimitris Christoulas – one of the forgotten casualties of Greek austerity

We watch from afar, we hear a name
Christoulas may as well be a football player to most
But its ironic before Easter
Another Christ lies dead – this one wont rise
After three days, this temple torn down
Will stay forever as rubble…

Dead at his own hand, bullet loaded
By financiers and bankers who cried
Crucify him, crucify him…
And a baying mob of media
Who when asked who to free
Cried out for Barabbas, Barrabas…

We lost many the same in Ireland
Though not in as public a style
I heard of a taxi driver in Dublin
On the radio, the story passed
Another story, that is yesterdays news
How many more will there be?

Funeral of Dimitris Christopolus…

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