We Are Not the Enemy

We are not the enemy, the folk who pay the bills,
Who try to pay their mortgages, who themselves through suicide kills
Because there is no hope to be seen, at whom developers sneer
Stating “there must have been other issues too”, when journalists appear
To show an interest in ordinary people plight, and question those who have claimed
To have the freedom of this hand once upon their time as their aim
Who starved themselves for national unity, whose comrade Bobby Sands
Did not die so his client would kill themselves at their own hands
So his kind would made their millions on homeowners shattered dreams
Houses badly built and overpriced, dodgy developers schemes…

We are not the enemy, who protest at the estates
Against Guardai employed to protect water meters at our gates
To charge us AGAIN for what we already pay for, and refuse to pay for again
They are like the RIC who protected the Wracking crews, the Landlords Agents men.
Perhaps someday a dirty word will be to have a Garda once in your clan
We hope not, but the way things are heading, that way that things often can,
Like the RIC, and RUC, they may have to be rebranded
To cover the shame in their current name, for situations mishandled!

Protesters hemmed in by the Garda at the Mansion House in Dublin
Protesters hemmed in by the Garda at the Mansion House in Dublin

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