We Are Not Each Others Enemy

Time long ago – a hundred years – in a land where welcomes were slim
A team came together – Brother Walfrid, we thank him
The Irish played, and they still do, for the community, the team
That means more than a mere trophy, that meant for them, a dream.

In the Ireland of today, in Blanchardstown and Corduff
Tensions are high, we wonder why someone does not shout enough…
There is a team that has a dream, like our Celtic those years ago,
Yet its strange that there somehow, death is something they should know.

No one died who played for Celtic, at a policemans hand
But supporters have often died, due to political stand
Of the victim or their attacker, we understand how they did die
But Blanchardstown is not the Gorbals, and we look and wonder why

TWO boys from the same team, of the Celtic of our time
Could end up dead at due to police, or a residents crime
What will it take for us to make divisions like this go away
We are not the enemy of each other, we must to each other say.

Background – George Nkencho was shot by ERU due to a fight with a shop worker where the deceased pulled a knife, had a second altercation with a post office worker and members of the public and then a running standoff with police that ended up at his house, where he was shot dead. The family claim racist motives – which I doubt – but their viewpoint can be seen from a perceived lack of empathy from the police to the aggression shown by some locals in the area, which is plagued by gang violence originating in both communities.

Peaceful protests I approve of, be they justified or not. But the way the protests and assaults on passers by are happening in Dublin is beyond whats acceptable. Rural Ireland seeing that will baulk at settlements fearing similar in their communities, giving fuel to racists fearmongering.

He was a teammate of the late Toyosi Shittabey who was stabbed by a local who himself was dead before his trial.


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Its said he was robbing the store, but thats not established as fact just yet.

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