We Are All Greeks Now

Omonia district in Athens
The world it is but waters deep
Churning, and but fish we are, and small
And the bigger eat the smaller
The laws of nature, it they call

The laws of God are long forgotten
Where the value and worth of things were made real
All mans cares for now is profit
Lives not by Moses commandment – Thou shalt not steal.

Was it for this these brave men died?
We pray today, we pass their graves
As a nation is set to the market of wolves
Set to be chained as economic slaves?

Was it for this the Wall came down
Torn by brave souls to free Berlin
So that Germany could call itself master
And wreck other nations by their whims?

But we believed capitalism’s lie
And let it be to our eternal shame
We turned from the laws of God
And so we all are to blame

But that is so, what can we do?
We can win – stand together, that’s how
Man by man, and state by state
We are all Greece and Greeks now!!!

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