We All Walk the Same Road

Romany child victims of the holocaust
Romany child victims of the holocaust
April 8th is the International Day of Roma, and the day we remember the Romany victims of the holocaust.Though thankfully things are not as bad today, there still is a lot of hatred against them, which has risen since the fall of communism.

All mankind, we walk the same road,
No matter our colour of skin…
No matter who or what we think we are…
We are the same within.

Some think themselves better than others,
According to traditions, or political schools,
Those who profess themselves knowledgeable in such issues
Will be proven by time to be but fools.

But fools with power an be dangerous,
As time has shown before,
We can but pray for those whose lives were lost
Pray it will happen no more.

Settled, nomadic, it does not matter,
Both sides peddle mistrust, the other side goad,
God see’s, on death He judges each man,
All men walk the same road.

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