Warning to Revolutionaries

GPO in Dublin after 1916 Rising
GPO in Dublin after 1916 Rising

Those who see the left as being anti family and of an agenda beyond workers rights see only those who took over its leadership. James Connolly advised against the “isms” that would destroy the movement. The ultraleft are those with an agenda who adopt a populist cause to promote their aims – political parasites if you will – such as antifa (anarchists inciting violence in otherwise supportable civil rights demo’s) antisemitists who vent their spleen in pro-Palestinian causes, anti-Catholics who take advantage of the hurt of victims of child sex abuse scandals to kick the church, and pro-israelites who use the survival of the state as a way to kick Muslims all use a cause to further their personal agenda.

James Connolly on the issues that affected the left in his day and still do today
James Connolly on the issues that affected the left in his day and still do today

Easy seen – pro Palestinians who are are rarely pro-Kurd or pro-Uighyr; self proclaimed victims advocates who are silent about abuse from others than the Catholic church; and so on…

Let is cause you to pause
When fools flock to support your cause
To give leverage to an agenda their own:
They from your side will flee
When they such advantage see
Shall stand by the throne.

The lumpenroletariat, Marx said
– Who looked on them with a sense of dread
And an avid distrust –
Are better on your side than against you
Always may betray you
Be wary if ally with them you must.

Their agenda for which you are a tool
They’re clever – to them your the useful fool –
Shall divide your cause.
When your on the guillotine
Among the crowds they will be seen
As the blade drops, giving loud applause.


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