Warning to Politicians

Irish Water: NO to Charges
Irish Water: NO to Charges #irishwater

Where fear drove comfort out; straw on the floor
Was price of conquering security.
“A Warning to Conquerors” – Donagh MacDonagh

We are citizens! Not consumers
Democracy is the peoples rule
Not that of corporations
Who hold the taxpayer a fool
The small man who pays too much
The rich who little pay at all
The indifferent who profit from chaos
Capitalism, it they call.

We are voters, not fools
We wont be told to vote left or right
For corporate political think thanks
Who use our discontent as their might.
We are against austerity in times of plenty
We are against capitalism’s tyrannic rule
We are not for political exploitation
To introduce abortion a mere tool!

Jacobites and Marxists, whatever is your creed
You agree the little man should not own his home
One thinks homes should be owned by landlords, the others say the state:
We say, we want our homesteads and our lands our own!
Trade Unionists, its good that for civil servants you fight
For better pay and conditions all the while…
But why do you forget the private low paid sector worker
Offer to us false hopes with a false smile?

We hear the charlatan utter utter waffle aimed at the commonest ear
Common we as people are as a people proud
But to twist our minds to hate workers, immigrants, or others
That by our solidarity will not be allowed!
We will keep our horsefairs, though they be seen to be the preserve
Of the Traveller Irish and Anglo Irish peoples
Hands off our traditions, one of the few we all today share
And have done for four hundred years neath both of Banaghers steeples!

Let this be a warning to politicians
As we one the streets amass
This protest is about more than mere water
To appease the working class
Taxes on homes, yellow unions are also on the bill
We will topple new TD’s who false prophets prove to be
We will not allow corporations to become new landlords
We will keep our homes from banks, and keep our water free!

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